Sunday, February 9, 2014

05-Feb-2014 Online Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Saskatchewan Chapter
Meeting Minutes
Present:  David, Nancy, Rick
Next meeting:  Nancy will adjust the March 5 meeting date if necessary as her work term in Namibia, Africa is slated to start Monday February 10, 2014. 
Minutes of 04-Dec2013 Posted
  • Technical issues means we met in Skype tonight.  Hope to have Java solution for Mac so we can return to Elluminate for next meeting.
  • FVC Chapter Agreement.  Rick moved adoption, David seconds, motion passed.
  • Treasurers Report $364.
  • Saskatchewan  not included in current NDP Electoral Reform Tour. 
  • If Conservative MP Michael Chong approaches us, we will collaborate if he commits to PR.
  • We had no response to our invitation to Elizabeth May's Save Democracy Tour.
  • Communication with J. Roberts for provincial PR has stalled.
  • The Saskatoon Greens are interested in a PR presentation.  It would be open to the public with invitations to other parties.  Nancy will ask Adam to do the scripted FVC presentation she did for the Quill Lakes Council of Canadians. 
  • Nancy received a list from FVC.  As it is unclear who are members, she will ask Kelly for clarification.
  • Rick asked if Dave or Nancy were interested in running for FVC National Council.  Both declined.
  • Nancy encouraged executive to read Wilfred Day's great resource listing the Canadian commissions recommending PR.  Url

Thursday, December 12, 2013

04-Dec-2013 Online Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Saskatchewan Chapter
Meeting Minutes
Present:  David, Nancy,
Next meeting:  Wednesday February 5, 2014 at 7 pm (No January meeting as first Wednesday is New Year's Day.)
Minutes of 06-Nov Posted
  • Nancy reported a successful Quill Lakes Council of Canadians presentation in Wynyard on Saturday November 30 and thanked David for attending with Victor Lau and John Murney of the Green Party of Saskatchewan. The FVC PowerPoint presentation was well received.  Dave suggested that an advanced version for the informed audience would be good because we kept returning to the one slide that showed a ballot.  An informed audience has an understanding of proportional representation and is looking at the particulars and mechanics of the forms.
  • Nancy passed her remaining tabloids to Elaine and David. David took the two petitions, House of Commons and Declaration of Voters' Rights, that most people signed.
  • No reply from Craig Scott's office to the invitation to return to Saskatchewan.  It was sent November 27.  Nancy will follow up with another email.
  • Elizabeth May's Save Democracy From Politics 2013 Tour is over.  Nancy and David drafted an invitation in case the Tour is to be continued.
  • David will phone James Roberts to discuss his vision of an action committee for provincial PR.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

06-Nov-2013 Online Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Saskatchewan Chapter
Meeting Minutes
Present:  David, Nancy,
Next meeting:  Wednesday December 3, 7 pm (First Wednesday of the month)
Minutes of 02-Oct Posted
  • Nancy reported that she has accepted an invitation to speak to the Quill Lakes Council of Canadians on PR.
  • David reported that Moose Jaw continues to push on with petitions and he hopes to bundle them off soon to FVC.  He is almost out of tabloids and will ask Rick for more.
  • Nancy reports that there are still three invitations pending.  Inviting Craig Scott back for Moose Jaw and Prince Albert, Elizabeth May's tour to Saskatchewan, and James Roberts, who is interested in provincial PR, to an online meeting.
  • The Prince Albert Northgate Mall did not grant permission to set up a table.  Nancy asked for alternatives.  David has had success getting on the agenda at political party meetings.  No suggestions for the general public.
  • Blog idea suggestion was May's tour if she accepts.
Sorry, no recording.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

02-Oct-2013 Online Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Saskatchewan Chapter
Meeting Minutes
Present:  David, Nancy,
Next meeting:  Wednesday November 6, 7 pm (First Wednesday of the month)
Minutes of 04-Sep Posted
  • Nancy reported that Craig Scott's NDP’s National Electoral Reform Tour stop in Saskatoon was a success.  Thanks to Adam for being boots on the ground.  Approximately 60 people attended.  The majority were familiar with proportional representation with perhaps 25 percent unfamiliar.  Scott's presentation was interactive with survey questions interspersed.  The discussion afterwards focused on how best to educate the public.
  • David attended Scott's stop at the University of Regina.  The fifty first year students were attentive and Scott had some good "doorway conversations" and conversations on his way to the parking lot.  David appreciated Scott's information differentiating between closed and open lists for MMP.
  • Nancy moved that Rick and Nancy as co-spokespersons invite Elizabeth May to speak on True Democracy whether or not she is touring.  David seconded.  Motion passed.
  • Nancy will pass on petitions signed in Saskatoon to David.  Mentioned tabloids were appreciated.
Meeting adjourned.
Meeting recording link:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

04-Sep-2013 Online Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Saskatchewan Chapter
Meeting Minutes
Present:  David, Nancy, Rick
Next meeting:  Wednesday October 2, 6 pm (First Wednesday of the month)
Minutes of 07-Aug Posted

  • Nancy nominated Emma as Member at Large.  David seconded.  Passed.
  • Democracy Week Sep 16-23 David is organizing a mall table in Moose Jaw on Sat Oct 23.  Rick will send banner by bus and tabloids after comparing mail and bus. 
  • Rick reported that arrangements to show Whipped during Democracy Week did not work out.  Nancy following up with mall manager in Prince Albert for a table on Thurs. Sep 19 instead of pre-Whipped as she had originally requested.
  • J Roberts has approached us about forming an action committee for electoral reform in Saskatchewan.  Nancy will invite him to an executive meeting.
  • Mélanie Chartrand, Craig Scott's Legislative Assistant, has given Nancy the green light to book venues for the NDP Proportional Representation Tour.  Dates are Saskatoon evening Tuesday October 1 and Regina afternoon Wednesday October 2.  Crowd sizes have ranged from 200 in Toronto to 30 people in London.  Nancy research venues and follow up on networking opportunities to promote.
Meeting adjourned.
Meeting recording link:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

07-Aug-2013 Online Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Saskatchewan Chapter
Meeting Minutes
Present:  Adam, Nancy (Nancy took minutes and posted)
Next meeting:  Wednesday September 4, 6 pm (First Wednesday of the month)
Minutes of 19-Jun-2013 Posted

  • Emma's nomination.  Postponed.
  • Nancy is waiting to hear from NDP Democracy Tour coordinator.  She is ready with information on venues for Monday and Tuesday October 7 and 8 in Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and Moose Jaw.  The university towns would be afternoon and the others evening time slots.
  • JR has inquired about our willingness to support proportional representation for provincial electoral reform.  While Adam and Nancy are willing, we would prioritize federal reform. Tabled to next meeting.
  • Democracy Week Sep 16-23.  Rick looking into bringing the documentary Whipped into Prince Albert.  Contact him for copies of the new tabloid or banner.  Nancy looking in an information table at the Northgate Mall in advance of the movie with petition and tabloids.  Adam looking into the possibility of showing Whipped in Saskatoon.

Meeting adjourned.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

19-Jun-2013 Online Executive Meeting

Fair Vote Canada Saskatchewan Chapter
Meeting Minutes
Present:  Nancy, Rick, Emma
Next meeting:  to be determined
  • Minutes of 01-Jun-2013 Posted
  • Agenda as Google Drive document Nancy will set up for trial
  • Monthly meeting date Nancy will collate executive data
  • Check your membership is current and that FVC Sask Chapter has your funding ($10 initial and 30% future)
  • FVC Tabloid Printed.  When they arrive, Rick will distribute.
  • Blog Writer Emma will write.  Rick will edit.  Executive 2 day review.  Nancy will post.
  • Blog/Political Events/Letters to the Editor Feed Emma ideas.
  • Membership/contact list policy and maintenance
  • Prince Albert Street Fair